Monday, July 18, 2011


Tuesday. 5pm.
Dolores Park. 
San Francisco. 
Snake March.

On Saturday the SFPD shot a 19 year old man 10 times after he ran to avoid paying the MUNI fare. Now the pigs have claimed the deceased instigated the shoot out despite dozens of witnesses saying otherwise. Thousands of us refuse to pay MUNI every year but rarely do we assume the refusal will lead to our murder by ten police bullets.

Saturday saw two spontaneous demonstrations of rage and resistance in Bayview and the Mission. As this is being written San Francisco Police are attacking a speak out in Bayview.

If you have ever jumped the turnstile, walked on the back of the bus, or tossed fifty cents into the coin slot meet us in the streets. The poor, the pissed must stick together. Once again San Francisco has imposed a death sentence on the poor. This time we will not allow the murderous swine to get away with it.

The original indybay event can be found here.

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