Thursday, December 1, 2011

8pm Tonight at #75River: Potluck Discussion Dancing

from indybay:
The former bank at 75 River St. has been occupied and is being re-purposed into a community center and social space.

Tonight, we will gather as a community to discuss the future of our new social space and make plans for its future. There will be a potluck and discussions, followed by dancing. This space belongs to everyone who participates. Come tonight to make decisions about the future of 75 River.

Bring food, supplies to set up the space, and a desire to partake in the creation of the 75 River Community Space.

Questions to consider:
* In the current wave of austerity, what social services are no longer provided by the state? How could we provide them ourselves?
* What actions would we like to take in the immediate future? How can we use this space to organize those actions?
* How can the space remain open and inclusive?

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