Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy Everywhere

A flier from "some individuals from within Occupy Santa Cruz". A .pdf is available here.

 An occupation creates space for a new way of interacting with each other. Rather than only coming together as co-workers or neighbors, we are coming together as people with similar ideas.  In this space, we can discuss and act on our vision of the world. We have the opportunity to participate in a new and spreading social movement together with people across the country, the globe, and throughout cyberspace.

The goal of the Occupy movement should not be to “speak truth to power” or to appeal for change from politicians and the rich. The goal is to speak to each other so that our ideas and sentiments can spread widely. The Occupy movement has done this well, with solidarity occupations starting across the country.  There is no doubt that politicians have the power to improve the conditions of people’s lives, but through the occupation movement we have the chance to rediscover our own power.  To embrace our power is to reject theirs.  We aren’t making an appeal to politicians, we’re making an appeal to each other.

This movement belongs to all those who participate. We can be inspired by the events of the Arab Spring.  In these uprisings, people came together against their common enemies.  The people in Tahrir square were willing to defend themselves against the police and Mubarak supporters,and some people took it upon themselves to burn down police stations. Although the situation here is different in many ways, the function of the police is the same everywhere and conflict is bound to occur.  The question worth asking is: In what ways are we willing to defend ourselves?

For total freedom,
some individuals within
Occupy Santa Cruz

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