Tuesday, September 20, 2011

City Council Member Throws Sandwich at Blogger

Don Lane, who earlier in the day negotiated a compromise with a circle of Ohlone Elders to protect part of the sacred site of off Market St, threw a sandwich at blogger Alex Darocy in the minutes before a tense meeting about the proposed desalination plant.

From the press:
Lane apologized twice to community blogger Alex Darocy, who described himself as a paparazzi. Darocy shot pictures of everyone entering the meeting, but found Lane sitting alone a few doors away up Front Street eating a sandwich and shot a picture.
Lane asked him not to shoot him, saying he was on his own time. Darocy kept shooting pictures, inspired by the civil servant's uncivil anger. Lane then threw part of his sandwich at him.
The vice mayor apologized several times and Darocy said afterwards that he accepted it. Lane said he had been working on city business since early morning and just wanted a few minutes off. He said later that he was wrong to throw the sandwich.
"I guess I need anger management classes," said Lane. "That's what they tell me."

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