Friday, August 12, 2011

CALL TO ACTION: March and Gathering to Demand Respect for Ohlone Burial & Village Site

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Save the Knoll - Respect Ohlone Sacred Places
Sunday, August 14th
March meets at 12:30pm at Laurel and Pacific
Ends at 2:00pm at Grant St. Park

On August 2nd, the burial of a 7-9 year old Ohlone child, dated to be 6000 years old, was disturbed during initial construction at the KB Home development at Market and Isbel. KB Home is planning on building 7 homes, with driveways, within a known archeological site on the knoll in the northern section of the 32-home development.

Ann Marie Sayers, the Ohlone woman in charge of the child's re-burial, has recommended that there be no more earth movement or development within the culturally sensitive area. We are gathering to demand that KB Home and the City of Santa Cruz honor Ann Marie Sayer's recommendation and take action to protect the knoll.

This Sunday, we will meet at Laurel and Pacific at 12:30pm to march through town raising awareness of the desecration. This march will be followed by a gathering at Grant St. Park at 2:00pm.

No development on the knoll!

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