Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up the Pups!

Santa Cruz County deputy injured in dog attack
             from The Sentinel

A Santa Cruz County deputy received several stitches and was put on medical leave after being attacked by a dog Saturday.

According to deputy April Skalland, the deputy was investigating a neighborhood dispute on Casserly Road about 12:20 p.m. when the golden retriever mix attacked and bit his leg.

Skalland said the deputy had gone to interview the dog's owner, a neighbor of the household involved in the original call.

She said the dog had bitten people twice before. In one incident, a Santa Cruz police officer was injured.

Animal control officers took custody of the dog, which is in quarantine pending an investigation, she said. The owner was cited.

Unfortunately, the puppy was then kidnapped by the police and is currently in custody. If Red's owner doesn't build a new enclosure for the dog, the Sheriffs will continue holding onto Red, possibly euthanizing him. It was later released that Red had not received his rabies vaccine.

Around here at SCR, we like to think of Red as the hometown-hero equivalent of the Greek Riot Dog.

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  1. Did the cop get quarantined? Did he have his rabies shot?