Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight - July 7th, 5pm in San Francisco

from comrades in the Bay Area:

take back the day…
…from the state and its police, who pretend to protect women so they can justify their racist, sexist violence. Policing is violence. We will not be “saved”, we will fight back, together.
…from rapists — they’re not just strangers who attack you in the night, they’re friends, husbands, bosses roommates, teachers, cops, co-workers, managers, partners, “comrades.”
…from managers – they are Not on your side. …from capital, where women are exploited alongside
men by the wage system, but even more intensely.
…from work – the paid work that wastes our lives and the unpaid work that we do in the name of “leisure” and “love”.
…from the shitheads on Montgomery street, facilitating the rape and exploitation of women everywhere.
…from austerity measures and budget cuts, so often targeted at women of color, poor women, working class women.
…from liberals who want to modify a broken system – who want a few good laws. We want total end to this entire racist, capitalist, heteropatriarchal system.
…from the Pro-Lifers. ‘nuff said. …from the depoliticized queer lifestyle….from the patriarchy.
  • Thursday, July 7, San Francisco Meet 5pm, Market & Montgomery

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