Thursday, June 9, 2011


Police do not engage in brutality. Brutality implies a deviation from "standard" policing, that the police are not normally supposed to kill and coerce. Murder and the violent facilitation of imprisonment are part of their function, it is what in fact makes them police. If they were to abstain from these activities they would no longer be the armed wing of the state apparatus and capital. It is the threat of violence, of death, that allows the police to be in situations in which they are not present. However every police murder also opens a situation of direct hostility between the policing apparatus and the populations under their watch and occupation. It both reinforces the control of the police as a brutal security mechanism and yet exposes their true social relationship to society, to capital and to the state. The police are at odds with those most abused by capital because it is the police who at the end of the day enforce this abuse. It is this hostility that creates, more and more, the necessity and reality of confrontation.
Murder is an inherent function of the police that will only disappear with the eradication of the entire state-capital apparatus and the policing function it necessitates to continue its own reproduction.

Solidarity to all of those in the streets of Quebec.

                                                     We don't forgive, we don't forget

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