Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Killer-Pig Johannes Mehserle to walk free in June

New Years, 2009, a young unarmed black man is shot in the back by BART pig Johannes Mehserle. Almost immediately, folks all over Oakland starting getting together to respond with a series of protests and riots that would become the "January Rebellion". 

Mehserle's trial was moved to Los Angeles, where he was the first on-duty officer to ever be tried for murder. The trial was mostly a sham, of course. His verdict, involuntary manslaughter, came down, in July 2010, prompting rioting and looting on a scale that hasn't happened in Oakland for a hot minute. Obviously, people were disappointed because the jury didn't charge him with murder. Moreso, though, everybody was angry that they have to live in world world full of police. A repeat of July was attempted in November, which unfortunately led to kettling and mass arrest (and some crazy times on the jail bus).

Sometime within June 12 -15, Mehserle will finish his token jail sentence.

On 3pm on the day of Mehserle's release, there will be a gathering at Fruitvale BART, where Grant was murdered.

At 5:30pm that same day, there will be a gathering at 14th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland (right across from Foot Locker).

This shit's on Facebook, too, if you play that game.

Why should anybody go up to Oakland from Santa Cruz? While all the nonprofits and police howl about the role of "outside agitators", we realize that there is nothing outside of capitalist relations regulated by police. The struggle against the police is a struggle that we all share.

Oakland, SC got your back.
See you in the streets.

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